Horse Speak®

Events 2024 Alstead, NH

These programs are designed to be an unforgettable and transformative experience. 

Discover the precision movements to achieve a deeper, richer, more meaningful connection with horses. 

What Inspired These Events

I have noticed that Rocky and other Mentor horses I've spent time with recently have been “nudging” my work toward setting up a more dynamically engaging body integration with and for people.

This means the mentor horses expect me to follow their lead, and I have decided to accept and take you on the journey, too.

The purpose of this clinic is to follow the horse’s lead and allow the learning, healing, and integration of a deeper level of body language to occur. 

Day one will include an orientation, meditation, and practical guidance about Horse Speak protocols. 

During the following days, people will each have a unique encounter with the herd.

You may get “selected” by a particular horse to work together, and that horse will help you uncover whatever it is that will help you open the door to enhancing your body language. 

Each day will build upon the previous day with various activities and discussions to further integrate the messages from the herd. 

It's hard to describe this event because it is a weaving of many layers and will be guided by the horses themselves. 

Outcomes will vary as this is a unique and personal journey, but each participant will walk away with a richer experience of communicating with horses.

Upcoming Clinic Dates at the Wilsie's 2024

  • Winter Wonderland at the Wilsie's February 23-25 
  • Summer Solstice June 19-24
  • End of Summer August 21-25
  • Fall Foliage September 25-29
  • Hunter's Moon October 16-20

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About Your Instructor

Sharon Wilsie

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Sharon is a Reiki master and  taught Reiki classes in all levels (1-3) in Boston for several years. These workshops included weekend intensives in both receiving Reiki attunements and practicing Reiki healing sessions.

In addition, Sharon taught meditation and mindfulness techniques, and also participated in a private Heart-Centered Mindfulness group for many years.  

At Landmark College, where Sharon taught for 8 years, the class structure was designed for experiential learning. The focus of classes was oftentimes geared toward team building or leadership enrichment activities. 

We're excited to bring to you this transformation which builds on Sharon's background of teachings and furthers the evolution of Horse Speak. 

As you will experience: "Horse Speak Changes Everything"